5 Simple Steps to Brewing Refreshing Iced Tea

The wait is over; summer is here! This means it is prime time for long days on the beach, poolside barbecues, and everything under the hot sun. If you are looking for ways to stay cool this summer, your search stops here.

Our favorite way to keep cool here at LucidiTea is by drinking iced tea, and our aromatic teas are perfect for brewing. Brewing iced tea is quite a simple process that will keep you refreshed, energized, and healthy through the longest, hottest days of the year. We have some tips for making the best quality iced tea to share with you that you will want to share with your family and friends this summer.

It is important to point out how to avoid brewing bitter iced tea. This is the most common issue people have when brewing their own iced tea, and is easily avoided. Brewing your tea with boiling water and then chilling it in the refrigerator can create a bitter taste, and can cause astringent tannins in tea to make your mouth feel dry, which is not what we want when we are parched in the heat. Instead, the best method to use is to steep your tea in cool water over night in the refrigerator in a covered glass container, pitcher, or jug. By keeping your tea under 40 degrees Fahrenheit (the temperature in your refrigerator) you prevent bacterial growth and tannins in tea from blooming. The aroma and flavors in your tea will be crisp and clean. So, taking that into consideration, let’s get started.


Iced tea with lemons, limes, mint, and flowers.

There are five simple steps to cold brewing iced tea.

1) Measure
The rule of thumb is approximately one heaping tablespoon of loose leaf tea per liter of water. If you are looking to make a smaller batch, one teaspoon per cup of water will do the trick. Remember to take into consideration the consistency of the loose leaf tea you are using. If it is a finer tea, use less. If the tea is fluffier, use more. Using too much tea to water ratio will give a bitter taste, so a little experimentation is beneficial.

2) Steep
Gently stir your tea leaves into the water, make sure the container you are using is covered, and let is sit overnight in your refrigerator. For best results, steep white or green teas 6-8 hours, and steep black or oolong 8-12 hours.

3) Strain
Use your favorite method of straining to remove the leaves. These leaves can be saved and reused for another batch. We recommend anything from cheesecloth to coffee filters. We like to pour our iced tea into a pitcher with lemon and ginger. Add fruit, sweeteners, and herbs to create a variety of flavors that everyone will enjoy.

4) Share
We here at LucidiTea know the importance of sharing. Make sure to share your delicious iced tea with those you’re enjoying the hot summer sun with. This is a friendly reminder because we know from experience that the quality of our product makes the best iced tea and you will want to keep it all to yourself.

5) Enjoy!
Simply enjoy. As you soak up the rays of the summer sun, please take a moment to enjoy each sip of your aromatic iced tea. This is our favorite way to stay cool, and after your first batch we know you will be hooked too.

Some teas cold brew better than others. The quality of our teas will ensure that no matter which tea you decide to use, the results will be more than satisfactory. We recommend our peppermint tea for an extra cooling experience. You can always add some extra flavor to your iced tea by adding mint leaves, your favorite citrus fruits, or berries, and please all of your guests by doing so!

Please let us know what blends you try, and which ones are your favorites to drink iced!

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