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8 Powerful Health Benefits From Oolong Tea

Did you know that simply drinking tea can make you healthier?

The truth is, tea’s health benefits are often overlooked. If you’re having trouble with digestion, weight loss, tooth decay, tiredness, illnesses and more, then tea could actually help you. Not just take your mind off the problems and relax you, but actually physically – and mentally – help you.

However, if you’re new to tea, you might be thinking “how?” “why?” “which tea?” You’re also likely pretty skeptical, which is completely understandable.

Don’t panic, we’re going to explain. We are the tea experts, after all.

Teas provide differing health benefits depending on which tea you get. This post is all about Oolong tea, as the title suggests. So let’s go ahead and dive right in.

What is Oolong Tea?

Firstly, all tea comes from a single plant. This plant is known as Camellia Sinensis. If your ‘tea’ does not come from this plant, it is not tea – it’s as simple as that.

So, you might be wondering what it is that sets Oolong tea – or any tea – apart from the others.

Well, Oolong tea is made in a very specific processing way. For example, green tea is picked, crushed and heated to break down its cellular structure. Oolong tea, however, is plucked carefully from the plant to preserve its cellular structure. Then made to oxidize in controlled conditions.

What this processing leads to is varying (and overlapping) health benefits of the two teas. As you’re getting a different range of cellular makeup from the two different teas. Despite them being made from the exact same plant. Pretty cool, huh?


Why drink Oolong tea?

So, sure. Oolong tea goes through a cool process. What’s in it for you, right?

As mentioned above, there are a variety of benefits from tea itself. Now, here are a few very specific to Oolong tea because of the processing it goes through.

1. Aids Digestion

The reason Oolong Tea aids digestion is two-fold.

Firstly, Oolong tea alkalizes the digestive tract. What this means is anyone that has acid-based problems (such as acid reflux) will find that the tea naturally soothes and helps cure the problem. Which relieves the strain of digestion on the body and on you mentally!

Secondly, Oolong tea also stimulates the metabolism. Meaning it basically causes the body to start digesting at a faster rate. So, when we say it aids digestion – we mean it literally.

A number of these benefits have been outlined in this Japanese study, conducted at Ehime University. Oolong tea is quite the scientific hot topic.

2. Bolsters your immune system

Oolong tea is rich in antioxidants. You know, those things that every nutritionist, doctor, health enthusiast and just about everyone else is going mad for?

So, as we all undoubtedly know by now, foods rich in antioxidants are called superfoods. This is because they help the immune system to work more efficiently and effectively. Well, drinking Oolong tea is no exception – the antioxidants will help your immune system.

If you’re interested in learning more about antioxidants, you can read this article which provides a wealth of knowledge for you!

3. Helps manage diabetes

Oolong tea is not unique in this benefit but it stabilises blood sugar levels, which is a pretty unique benefit for diabetics. By lowering the plasma glucose, Oolong tea can be used to help – or replace in some cases, though not advised! – the effectiveness of antihyperglycemic drugs.

This Pubmed published study shows that it does work. However, the results vary per individual. What we do know is pretty simple: Plasma glucose levels get lowered. This stabilises blood sugar!

4. Stifles cravings

Tying into the point of stabilising blood sugar. There’s another benefit. Stable blood sugar prevents cravings for unhealthy and sugary snacks, because the body feels satiated and craves sugar far less. (It also tastes great without sugar or sweeteners, so you can skip them there too!)

5. Aids weight loss

It aids digestion, manages blood sugar and reinforces your immune system. All of these could be said to aid weight loss, couldn’t they?

But there’s more. Antioxidants found in the tea help the body to burn fat faster in the upper arm and abdominal area. So it literally helps you burn fat faster by drinking it.

Of course, this is no replacement for exercise. To really get the most of these powerful antioxidants, you need to be getting your sweat on too. Because these antioxidants just help the fat burn more effectively – they don’t burn it all by themselves!

6. Prevents tooth decay

Drinking Oolong tea after meals can help prevent tooth decay. It’s a very common act in Southern China, where dental care isn’t exactly widespread and has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to tooth decay.

The way it works is actually pretty simple.

Polyphenols in the tea – which can also be found elsewhere, like in foods – essentially clean out the acidic substances found in your mouth after eating, which prevents them from settling in and eventually eating away at your teeth!

7. Reduces risk of heart attack

Losing weight reduces your risk of a heart attack. Any medical professional can tell you that.

However, there’s another reason Oolong tea can help you prevent heart attacks. Those polyphenols in the tea we mentioned earlier actually block the absorption of cholesterol and dietary fat by up to 50% in some cases. Your heart will thank you!

A great study was done on this, considering the anecdotal results that’ve been observed by a number of scientists. The results show that Oolong tea definitely lessens the risk!

8. Can prevent hair loss

Because Oolong tea is so rich in antioxidants, it can do a great deal for your hair as well. Promoting soft and healthy hair growth. Although the benefits of this are best gained through washing your hair with the tea, it also has some level of benefits purely from drinking it too!

Concluding words

So, there you have it. 8 undeniably powerful health benefits you can get, simply from drinking a cup of tea. If you’re interested in testing any of these benefits for yourself, you can find Oolong tea in our shop.

Available in loose leaf or in tea bag form. (P.S. we use bleach-free tea bags!)

What about you, have you used Oolong tea for anything we missed (or anything we mentioned) and have results to report? Let us know in the comments below.


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My question is how much tea do you need to drink to have these benefits? The only one that mentioned anything was the tooth decay and that was to drink a cup after a meal. For a diabetic, or weightloss would you drink 32 ounces a day or would have to drink a gallon? I have just stumbled across your website and find it very interesting and my two favorites are oolong and green tea’s. I do know how good they are for you but can never get the questions answered of how much do you need to drink? I need to know to place an order.

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