How to Brew Sun Tea

As the summer months pass, the heat surely is not dying down. According to NASA’s research, each month in 2016 was the warmest respective month globally in modern temperature record, which dates to 1880.  As tea connoisseurs, we take advantage of all weather to enhance our delectable flavors. It may be too hot to be boiling water in the kitchen, so we have found an alternative way to brew our favorite teas. What better way to utilize the sun’s radiant heat than to use it for steeping your favorite aromatic teas? That brings us to Sun Tea!

Memories start pouring as we think of Sun Tea. Sitting out on the porch at Grandma’s house, sipping tea from mason jars, and the sun reflecting off the pond as the wind gently cooled the sweat off our necks. Nothing was more refreshing in the hot months of summer.


Sun brewed tea with lemons.

Sun Tea is a wonderful way to take advantage of the sun’s radiant light and heat to extract the aromatic flavors in tea. It is also a very simple process, which is perfect for lazy summer days. As you are outside soaking up the sun’s rays, your tea can be too! So, let’s get started.

First, grab the container(s) you’d like to use. For best results, use a glass container with a lid that closes tightly. Mason jars work perfectly for brewing Sun Tea. Make sure to wash out your containers with hot water and soap to sanitize them. This will insure that no bacterial growth occurs with the sun heating up your tea. Once you have those ready, it is time to measure out your tea.

We recommend loose leaf tea for ultimate brewing. The rule of thumb with loose leaf tea is approximately one heaping tablespoon of tea per liter of water. For smaller batches, use 1-1.5 teaspoons per cup of water. It is important to take into account the consistency of your loose leaf tea. The finer the tea, use less.  The fluffier the tea, use more. Remember to strain the tea when using loose leaf. One thing to remember is that ratios are important when it comes to brewing tea. If you use too much tea to water then your tea will give a bitter taste. Experimentation is always good, so try a few variations!

If you are adamant on using your beloved tea bags, we recommend one tea bag per cup of water for the best ratio. Again, experiment with your favorite teas! There is never too much tea to go around. Your family and friends will thank you! Tea bags are more convenient since no straining of leaves is required!

Once you have your containers tightly sealed with your favorite tea measured out and water inside, it is time to start steeping. Place your containers in direct sunlight. You can leave them inside on a windowsill or even put them outside in a location where the sun beats down. Leave the containers in direct sunlight for 3-5 hours, and just relax as the sun works it’s magic.

When your tea is done soaking up the sun, it is ready to pour directly over ice for a refreshing treat. This is the time to add your favorite flavors. Wait until the tea is done steeping to add sweetener, lemon, and herbs.

Sun Tea is a very simple and enjoyable way to brew your favorite teas in the summer heat. Love Sun Tea so much that you don’t want summer to end? There is nothing to fear! You can brew Sun Tea all year long, as long as the container is in direct sunlight. No matter what season, we always enjoy drinking Sun Tea.

You can brew sun tea all year long!

You can brew sun tea all year long!

As you experiment with brewing Sun Tea, we would love to hear some of your favorite concoctions. Enjoy!


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