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Peruvian Pick Me Up Cofftea

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If you struggle between choosing coffee or tea, we have come up with the perfect solution! This one of a kind synergistic blend of coffee and tea will provide all the health benefits and clean energy from our Pick Me Up herbal tea blend with the incredible taste from Peruvian coffee. Give this powerful blend a try to energize your mind and body.

Ingredients: organic peruvian coffee, organic japanese matcha green tea, organic jiaogulan, organic yerba mate, organic sencha green tea, organic moringa leaf.

Ideal steep time is 5-15 minutes, or longer depending on your personal strength preference.

This blend contains caffeine.

Available in tea bag form for your convenience. We use bleach-free tea bags.

1 review for Peruvian Pick Me Up Cofftea

  1. I didn’t think I could love anything more than I love coffee but this cofftea is excellent. It has great flavor and while steeping has a deep rich coffee aroma. It does produce a nice energy boost without the jittery crash of a sugary artificial sports drink or caffeine shot. If you consider yourself more of a coffee lover than a tea drinker, give this cofftea a try!

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