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Pick Me Up Herbal Tea

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Our organic Pick Me Up herbal tea blend is created with the intention of providing a healthier alternative to the all too common chemical infused energy drinks. As the name implies, when in need of a “pick me up” during those long days, this is the perfect blend to go to. It provides clean energy and nourishment at the same time, without the crash like from those energy drinks. Yerba mate and guayusa are combined to caffeinate in a balanced way, and together are the main synergistic source of clean energy. Moringa leaf provides essential amino acids and an abundance of vitamins and minerals that increase endurance. The synergy between the caffeine and l-theanine will give you the energy boost you need on all levels to get you through that seemingly never ending to-do list. This blend has higher caffeine levels than our Mental ClariTea blend.

Ingredients: organic jiaogulan, organic yerba mate, organic sencha green tea, organic moringa leaf.

Ideal steep time is 3-5 minutes. Recommended serving size is 1-3 tsp depending on strength preference.

This blend is highly caffeinated.

Available in loose leaf or tea bag form for your convenience. We use bleach-free tea bags.

1 review for Pick Me Up Herbal Tea

  1. This blend is great as a morning-starter! The taste is mellow and gives me a nice boost without getting jittery or feeling antsy. I’ll definitely be trying this one again.

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